A tastebud teasing food content series with a cinematic ensemble of slow motion, ooey-gooey ingredients all of which, in their yummy amazingness, make up a content series of unique seasonally relevant recipes.

For all of us, the taste of certain food sparks rich, fond memories of shared joy with friends and loved ones.  Food is emotional, sensory and full of adventures in color and texture. In mid 2015, I initiated concept development for a new content series with Claire Thomas, the YouTube face of Kitchey Kitchen and commercial director of Currant Films. Our goal was to create a new food porn series that tantalizes the tastebuds and sparks creativity by remixing traditional holiday recipes. 3D gingerbread cookies that double as desert or decor, anyone?

The show headlines a broader integrated content series with each episode driving to companion editorial complete with recipe tutorials and step-by-step photography. Additional assets included special promo cutdowns for Instagram.

As the executive producer, I developed the concept, collaborated with Claire and team to create an on-brand, unifiedvision for each episode and oversaw all cut revisions. Season 2 is tentatively slated to launch in 2016.




6 episodes

Kristin Brewer

Kristin Brewer

Claire Thomas

Brit + Co