These are promotional trailers for a series of creative courses I developed for Brit + Co. Taught by creative millennial women across the country, this revenue-driving series has grown to include more than 100 classes and receives sponsorship dollars from major brands. 

Over the course of a year and half, I built a fast-growing, revenue-driving online course product for Brit + Co. To kick off, I iterated across a dozen shoots to develop a look and feel that fit the poppy and playful "girlfriend talk" vibe that characterizes the Brit + Co brand.

Along the way, I oversaw every piece of the production puzzle. I scouted expert creative instructors from across the country, negotiated contracts, developed an inspiring, fast-paced but easy-to-follow formula for the on-camera curriculum, wrote scripts, directed talent, hired crews, refined the production process, collaborated with our DP to build a dedicated studio, and worked cross-departmentally to drive overall marketing, growth and partnerships for the business, including packaging and pitching product integration and sponsorship opportunities to global brands. I later trained a larger team to tackle the job and keep the train moving.



Online Creative Learning
100+ episodes
Sponsored by major brands

Kristin Brewer

Kristin Brewer
Bryan Lemos

Brit + Co